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We do drip and spray systems as well as upgrades to existing irrigation systems to cover your garden properly. We can repair all clocks and systems (broken heads etc.). We use only the best materials for new and existing systems. We prefer Rainbird and Hunter clocks for new systems and other clocks for drip systems as required.

We also install new satellite and weather station clocks (WBICS) that will be required in California in 2011 These will all be self run and automatically adjust themselves according to weather station data.

We use all brass Superior valves . Emergency shut off valves so you don't have to shut off house water to repair sprinkler systems. Drip sprinklers require plastic valves with drip kits. All our pipe is schedule 40 not the cheap thin pipe others use. Drip lines are of the highest quality. We always run extra wire for future valves if required later. We also set up extra valve stub outs for extra valves for future use. These last two at No charge.

All our heads and tops are Toro spray heads.Pop-ups for lawn areas and 12" Nipples for planted areas with swing joints so that they cannot be easily broken by others.
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